Each zine is made by hand. There is a variety of cut & paste, pen & ink, found poetry, lyrical prose, and more. Zines are available for purchase through email at somcgove@gmail.com

We Screamin’ $2: This zine explores themes of independence and love through cut & paste and found poetry.

On Desert Dwelling $10: Water Sprouts Collective’s handbound cardboard zine was created by two creatives who crafted letters, poems, and art for each other as they healed.

Intersections: The Valley of the Sun $5: This handbound zine is a series of vignettes exploring intersections in the valley, privilege, identity, and loss during the 2016 election. It features collage illustrations made of old paper and fabric.

Our Lips on Broken Earth $1: This microzine features lyrical prose and pen & ink illustrations about a desert hike and the power of three little words.

Dreaming of a Quiet Sea $1: This microzine follows Our Lips on Broken Earth and features pen & ink illustrations and an exploration of truths.

Self-Surgery $1: Self-Surgery is a flash fiction piece about the struggles of self-love. Some cut & paste and pen & ink art is included.

Rat Girl $1: This micro-memoir is a testament to the vermin that taught me how to love past stigma.

Hold True and Rise $2: This microzine was created for Comic Fest with cut & paste and found poetry from Gamer Magazine.

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