Water Sprouts Collective:

We are two women writers in Phoenix, AZ. We aim to bring poetry to the community through publications, workshops, and events. We are committed to the self-empowerment and community-driven empowerment that comes with sharing your story, creating spaces full of bravery, joy, and freedom of self-expression. By the same token, we aim to hold ourselves and others accountable for dismantling any dialogue and actions rooted in hatred, selfishness, racism, colonialism, sexism, ableism, classism, and snobbery. No matter who you are, you are welcome here. 

little somethings press: a collection of small writings

little somethings press: a collection of small writings aims to highlight the growing wave of micro-literature from flash prose to micropoetry, while navigating the space between literary journals and zines. The hand-bound and printed journals embody the spirit of DIY, while publishing high-quality work from the Phoenix community.  

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Intersections: The Valley of the Sun

This zine/chapbook is a realization of home–flawed, and somewhat whole. Each section navigates privilege, politics, and search for place in a physical intersection in the Valley of the Sun. The illustrations are cutting and pastings of multiple layers of paper: old envelopes, bags, and new textures.


She [Collage], The Revolution (Relaunch), February 2021

“A Pinch Closer to Heaven,” Borrowed SolaceOctober 2020 [Editor’s Pick]

The Weight of Nothing,” Write on Downtown, May 2020

“An Afternoon in the Real India,” WOB Lit Magazine, April 2019

“Prinsengracht 263,” Beautiful Cadavers Project Pittsburgh: Social Justice AnthologyMarch 2019

“Depression, Anxiety, and an Asshole Cat,” Uncomfortable Revolution, December 2018

“Food for Love,” Write on, Downtown, April 2018

“Intersections: The Valley of the Sun”, Tempe Community Writing Contest Winner, March 2018

Four Chambers Press’s Anthology In Sight II: Literature + ArtJanuary 2018

“Intersections,” Crux Magazine, December 2017

“14 Reasons You Enjoy Breakfast with Gentrifiers,” Unsellable Inventories, July 2017

Mizungo,” bioStories, May 2017 [Nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize]

“Wishes Tied Like Home,” Weaving the Threads: Women + Art + Community, February 2017

Girls in the Glass,” Write on, Downtown, May 2015